Evidence Check on Homeopathy. Can it get any better?

I had a dream not so long ago….and so did they…..

Once upon a time there was a group of materialists who worked hard day and night to bring their myopic vision of life, the universe and everything to the rest of humanity.  Especially the UK.  Many meetings in pubs, and conversions of journalists and politicians and young scientists and bloggers took place, and gradually they gained confidence and power and influence.  One summer’s night they sat around feeling particularly smug, wondering about their next maneuver.
Suddenly a gleam appeared in their collective eye – the government’s new Science and Technology committee were looking for topics to Evidence Check!  So they put their sceptic heads together, sent a bunch of emails, made a lot of phone calls, screwed their eyes up really tight, et voila!  They had manifested an Evidence Check for that most painful thorn in their side.  Homeopathy.

The midnight oil burned for many a night as they refined their arguments, wrote and rewrote their submissions, and finally satisfied, they sent them off.  One of their number was on the inside, so they relaxed in the knowledge that, despite not really understanding what homeopathy was actually about, when it came to the selection for oral submissions, they would have the lion’s share, and so it was.

Their friends from the media put the date in their diaries, got their articles ready and would show up for the sound bites. Stories would be with editors before the rest of the audience had time to get home.
So they supped on another round, practiced their questions and answers one more time, and looked forward to the day when another nail, and this time hopefully the final one, would go into the coffin of everything homeopathic. Ahhh, life was very good indeed.

Once upon the same time, a group of vitalists were surprised to learn that, of all the pressing topics for a Science and Technology Committee to review, homeopathy had risen to the top.  The news came at a busy time and the group were pressed to hammer out their individual submissions, but they knew how vital it was, so hammer them out they did.  They sent them in and waited expectantly for an invitation to submit. And they waited and they waited.  And then they waited some more.  A few among them were  chosen, but the choices seemed strange because none from the largest groups had been called.  An urgent request was sent for permission to submit, but the request was refused. Some among them got a funny feeling, but mostly they were hopeful and trusted the process and waited for the meeting.

It was an autumn day in November and the materialists smiled at each other, everything was set up and the day would be theirs.  The vitalists felt trepidation, but trusted that the few who had been chosen would be strong and tell their story.

The meeting called to order, the room went silent and the masks came off.  They had fallen for the oldest trick in the book…… the desire to see their safe, effective, inexpensive and green medicine given to the people, had got them into trouble once again…….

Then I woke up and lay there considering my fantasy of a homeopathic community awake and united behind a common cause – the best minds in homeopathy writing a series of succinct documents detailing the evidence for homeopathy, the rationale, the reasons for, the value of, the cost savings possible, all the layers and layers of information we have needed for so long, all organized into one coherent place.

And the anti-homeopaths writing a series of succinct documents detailing their arguments, laying out for us their rationale, the reasons against, the dangers of, the cost of, all the layers and layers of convoluted reasoning they have used for so many years all together, and organized into one coherent place.

And all of this delivered to my computer – for free!  It’s a Deconstructor’s Dream come true.

You can find it all right here, thrill with the weight of the evidence for homeopathy and learn everything there is to know about the anti-homeopaths and the way they think.  Ahhh life is very good indeed.


Transcription coming soon – honest!


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