Evidence Check – honourable members do the honourable thing

I’ve read many more of the submissions now (see previous post) and here’s the thing….

The Neutrals identify the need for more research – the YESes welcome more research.

The NOs state that more research is a waste of time and money because “homeopathy doesn’t work” Q.E.D.

I’m reminded of a quote by Einstein: “Concepts, which have proved useful for ordering things, easily assume so great an authority over us, that we forget their terrestrial origin and accept them as unalterable facts. They then become labeled as ‘conceptual necessities,’ etc. The road of scientific progress is frequently blocked for long periods by such errors.”   That block in the road is where we are right now.

We should be very grateful that researchers in history didn’t give up when their important advances in science were met with derision and ridicule and worse.  Otherwise surgeons might still be wearing their overcoats in the operating theatre, and not washing hands or instruments between patients.  Harvey took it on the chin for suggesting that blood circulated round the body. When Baird showed his prototype for the TV, Britain’s Royal Society, that most learned group of scientists, scoffed at the idea.  Orshinsky was told his amorphous semi-conductor theory was bogus, so thank goodness he took it to Japan or we would have no writeable CDs.  The list is long: no Doppler effect, no quarks, no prions, no Krebs cycles, even Crick and Watson were told to drop their work into DNA, and the list gos on.  Of course many were later – much later – awarded their rightful Nobel prizes, but others were not vindicated until after their deaths.  Most tragic of all is the time wasted when humanity could have been benefitting from their work.

So, honourable members serving on the Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee, do the honourable thing and – at the very least:

  • dispense with any filter of scepticism  (might be interesting to consider the NOs and their possible motivation)
  • with an open mind, schedule some WELL designed research that takes the homeopathic process into account
  • consider the growing body of prestigious research showing the presence of high dilution effects in biological  systems (refs in the written submissions)
  • look at the research that has shown significant  homeopathic effects on cells lines in Petri dishes and wonder about the placebo effect (refs in written submissions)
  • in the meantime, allow the public to vote with their feet and make good on the government’s commitment to patient choice.

And in the meantime, a word with the media along the lines of, “ The Evidence Check is not yet completed.” might be helpful.

Thank you on behalf of all those willing to hold true to what they know or experience, no matter how fierce the opposition, or how vicious the ridicule.

PS.  Yes I am putting homeopathy right up there with the most profound of advances in science.


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