The worst day for homeopathy in 200 years?

So say the denialists twittering away this morning as we all wait for the publication of the so-called Parliamentary Evidence Check.

National newspapers are already running headlines reporting that the committee calls for removal of homeopathy from the NHS.  Which is strange since there is a press embargo for at least another 2 hours…..  But then the Science and Technology committee are in charge of the press release and the press conference is being held at the Science Media Centre and restricted to national media only.

But that’s only more evidence that this whole exercise is a set up, a sham, just  more of the orchestrated anti-homeopathy campaign that’s been running in the UK for years.

Sense about Science, the Big Pharma sponsored lobby group presenting themselves as a registered charity is up to their necks in it – “senior counsel” for the prosecution Evan Harris MP  “has worked with SAS to expose the false claims about homeopathy”.  Phil Willis chair of the S and T committee chaired the SAS annual lecture and endorses their campaigns.  Tracey Brown managing director of SAS was called as a witness despite having no training or, as was apparent from her statements, no understanding of the homeopathic method.  Likewise SAS supporter Ben Goldacre, vitriolic anti-homeopathy Guardian journalist was used to good effect to force the discussion into the narrow world of meta-analyses – most of the ones quoted having been carried out by self-confessed anti-homeopathy researchers. You can read about the fiasco on other posts on this blog.

What happens next is a media snow all week – the BBC will have some ‘discussions’ where quietly spoken well-meaning homeopaths will be pitted against fast talking media trained SAS representatives.  Mostly they’ll be young conventionally attractive young women – GPs are favourite – and they’ll trot out the well worn mantras and with the help of the presenter will force the last word.

No one will be interested in the latest research out of The University of Texas about ultra-dilute remedies having an effect on breast cancer cell lines in a petri dish.

“Can’t work so doesn’t work”  “Implausible”,  “Impossible”,  “No evidence”, “No evidence”, “No evidence”.  “All of chemistry and physics would have to change”.

No actually it wouldn’t – it already has since Newton.  And at pain of repeating it is NOT about COMPOSITION it is about STRUCTURE.  Read some of the latest material science research and learn.

LeCanardNoir, a busy denialist is looking forward to today and predicts that historians of quack medicine will remember this date 22/02/2010 as the worst day for homeopaths in 200 years.

I predict when the immediate fall out is over, this could well be the date they remember but for entirely different reasons.


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2 responses to “The worst day for homeopathy in 200 years?

  1. Martha Meyer-VonBlon

    Any scientist who is honest and smart and able to think outside of one paradigm would have to logically be interested in homeopathy and Chinese medicine’s presumption of a vital force. Without it we would look like early film versions of Frankenstein, rubbery, fluid filled sacks run by a pump and a computer? Absurd. THe same scientist would admit that they can’t explain some traditional medicines’ efficacy, that many traditional medicines are dangerous or useless and that nano science is interesting and science hardly knows everything. These people are motivated by ignorance, fear and greed. Any true scientist, open and intelligent and unbiased would be fascinated by the facts of homeopathy.

  2. I don’t really understand, why this scientific community is against Homeopathy. By ignoring the facts known by humans in the past, we are going nowhere. Research on “Memory of Water” tries to prove homeopathy and thanks to all open minded scientists for this. But a lot needs to be done otherwise dates like “22/02/2010” will be repeated quite often.

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