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Published articles laying out the anti-homeopathy campaign, what’s behind it, who the main players are, how to counter it and what it means for homeopathy and complementary medicine.

Alan Schmuckler  – Homeopath, author, editor of (more than half a million hits a month).

Defending Homeopathy

Carol Boyce – Homeopath, teacher, writer, filmmaker and activist has written a particularly helpful series of articles on this topic:

A Global Threat to Complementary and Alternative Medicine

“… Carol Boyce’s brilliant articles shine a bright light on the true agenda of those who are seeking to destroy homeopathy in the U.K.  She shows that the hypocrisy of those “experts’ in the medical and journalistic profession, supported by the dubious characters in the “quack buster” organizations, are fueled by a “religious” fervor to demonize anything that doesn’t conform to their “professional”, “expert” opinions….. as Boyce’s articles reveal, the extraordinary lengths to which they have gone and the fact that they have got away with it so far has emboldened many of them to try and go for the jugular of homeopathy.  They smell blood….. ”  Richard Pitt CCH, RShom(NA) Editor.

Magnus Pharma and the Golden Goose

An investigation into the orchestrated attack on homeopathy’s place in the U.K. National Health Service, reveals the extent of the pharmaceutical industry’s reach into the democratic process and its already devastating effect on health across the globe.  Includes a section on the time bomb that is the “cervical cancer” vaccine.  The paragraph “Epidemiology of Magnus Pharma” is for the amusement of the homeopathic community.      (Apologies for typo in Abstract)

Homeopathy and Humbug

Recent claims of homeopathy’s ineffectiveness with no basis in reputable studies, have nevertheless been politically effective.  New and old studies rebutting the claims have come to light suggesting that the main purpose of repeating disproven claims of this kind seems to be political.

Edzard Ernst and the ultimate delusion

Homeopathy’s critics deny all evidence of its efficacy and dispute the mounting evidence for potentization, on the basis of implausibility. They call for increased regulation of homeopaths on the basis of its dangerous placebo effect.

Science Catches up with Homeopathy June 07

New research on succussed dilutions and cell communication and repair provides a fresh understanding of the mechanism of potentization.