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The worst day for homeopathy in 200 years?

So say the denialists twittering away this morning as we all wait for the publication of the so-called Parliamentary Evidence Check.

National newspapers are already running headlines reporting that the committee calls for removal of homeopathy from the NHS.  Which is strange since there is a press embargo for at least another 2 hours…..  But then the Science and Technology committee are in charge of the press release and the press conference is being held at the Science Media Centre and restricted to national media only.

But that’s only more evidence that this whole exercise is a set up, a sham, just  more of the orchestrated anti-homeopathy campaign that’s been running in the UK for years.

Sense about Science, the Big Pharma sponsored lobby group presenting themselves as a registered charity is up to their necks in it Continue reading


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What’s the difference between Sara and Sarah? Evidence Check fallout

I am stunned by the two interviews I just watched on the BBC. One with the polite Dr Sara Eames from the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and the very confused journalist, Celia Walden.   And the other with Professor Lewith and the bulldozer Dr Sarah Jarvis, a GP.

Here we have homeopathy taking another major beating in the media following Boots’ gift of a sound bite from the parliamentary Evidence Check – which I feel compelled to mention again, IS NOT YET OVER.

A mild mannered and polite Dr. Sara Eames waited for her questions and answered them, albeit repetitively.  But WHY oh WHY did she not set the seriously confused Celia Walden straight?  Continue reading

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Evidence Check on Homeopathy – hey media hang on a minute!

DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE EVIDENCE CHECK IS NOT FINISHED, NOR THE PARLIAMENTARY REPORT WRITTEN predictably the media is all over the oral submissions – having waited hungrily for the sound bites and gobbled them up, they’re now spitting them out all over the place…

Boots is on the carpet for selling medicines they ‘don’t believe work’ – pulling that carpet from under their retail sales, by informing the public that Boots is selling them nothing but ‘sugar pills’ at 5 quid a bottle.

So I have a question myself:  WHY, Mr. Bennett? Continue reading


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